What is ProtectBox?

Award-winning cybersecurity comparison website/marketplace that lets any small & medium business anywhere in the world. In an hour for free, find & buy all their cybersecurity in 1-place whether they’re technical or not & whether they’re affected by COV-19 or not. We’re also taking the pain away for Cybersecurity Suppliers by matching them to actual Sales quickly, simply & affordable.
We’re also not just about improving the process but championing small & medium businesses to get fairer deals. Plus making the cybersecurity world more approachable for them by hiring those that wouldn’t normally be seen as the norm for cybersecurity. We’re ‘less geek’ and as much a small & medium business, like them!
In the same way that banks sell insurance as an add-on, ProtectBox can be sold as an all-in-one cyber add-on by accountants, banks, insurers, any data service provider incl govt. By adding (on their website) a link to our website to buy from us, when they sell one of their products. Or advocate for us through sales, social media, client briefings. We build brand loyalty, increase market penetration into new areas & are CSR for partners.
ur for free, any SMB anywhere in the world can find & buy all their Security in 1-place whether they’re technical or not.